*grumble grumble*

Still alive, still kicking, back at my WordPress.com blog because I got distracted at the end of January (someone must’ve been shining a nickle in my eyes – that or a nice fluff of pocket lint) and didn’t renew my hosting. So anything that I wrote in January is gone (it’s a good thing I … More *grumble grumble*


Sometimes I am not the brightest bulb on the tree. WordPress has a new update that I was considering installing. Before I did so, I backed up the entries on my blog. Cause I’m smart like that. (Sometimes.) I thought it would also be a good idea to back up the database for the blog … More doh!

grrrr. arrrgh.

I’m really into clothes and fashion. Not so much that I can name designers, mind you, but I tend to know what’s in, what’s out and what’ll look good on someone. There are numerous times I see people walking down the street and I really want to take them by the hands and show them … More grrrr. arrrgh.


It’s now 2:01 pm.  Today has been so busy that I wasn’t able to look at Go Fug Yourself until two minutes ago. TWO MINUTES AGO. Y’all, that just ain’t right. GFY is my morning crack, right up there with Whatever and my regular webcomics. The nerve…