fickle cats…

When I moved in with HotScienceGuy, I brought two cats: grumpy old man Edison and energetic little kitten Vin (a story I must tell here soon). HSG has his own cats, so our feline household grew to a number which is manageable, but still a wee bit more than I’m used to dealing with.

The cats are, for the most part, tolerating each other, at the very least and, in Vin’s case, actually bonding with others, which is nice to see. She’s turning into that charming yet annoying little kid that you kind of wish would leave you alone, but you can’t help but be caught up in her enthusiasm.

The funny thing is, when HSG is hanging out on one level of the condo and I’m hanging out on the other level, his cats invariably end up staying with him and my cats stay with me.

We may be a combined household but, for the moment, we’re still not a blended household.

Vin, Loki, Hufflepuff and Edison
Vin, Loki, Hufflepuff and Edison

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